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Note: This BIOS is only for all CR200 z8350. Find your sticky paper on LattePanda board to check the version.

z8350 mark

How to switch on/off the Auto-boot function in LP v1.2:

  1. Press [Esc] or [Del] once just boot up the system to enter the BIOS
  2. Go into Boot->Machine Status AC/Battery In
  3. Change it to Power On/Power Off

Contains the following:

  • LattePanda v1.2 default BIOS Beta

How to refresh the LattePanda BIOS:

  1. Format your USB flash disk to FAT32

  2. Copy the right BIOS files directly to root of the USB flash disk

  3. Plug the USB flash disk in USB host

  4. Plugin the MicroUSB cable and power on the system

  5. Wait the refreshing the BIOS automatically until returning "fs1:>"Refresh BIOS successfully.jpg

  6. Unplug the USB flash disk!

  7. Restart the system via pressing the reset button or "Ctrl+Alt+Del". Then finish refreshing.

    **Note:**make sure that remove the USB flash disk before restarting the system!

Checkout the LattePanda official docs for more tutorials


Please note that this is a beta version of the bios which is still undergoing final testing before its official release.
This version is test-only, so please confirm with us before you reflash the bios.
Reflashing without notifying us can put your board in a state of no return and void your warranty.
Ensure that you have saved the Windows product key code and you have an SPI chip programmer to reflash the bios at hardware level

Checkout the LattePanda official docs for more tutorials


If you have any question or failed to refresh the bios, please check out this official forum thread to find more details (contributed by @flyingpoutine)


And feel free to post your questions there.



  • Mouse exception display
  • MIPI&HDMI audio output
  • Suspend function
  • Unstable Bluetooth function

To download, please click "Download ZIP"

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