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unrpa - Extract files from the RPA archive format.


unrpa is a script to extract files from the RPA archive format created for the Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine.


You will need Python 3.x in order to run it (either install through your package manager or directly from


You can download the latest release and then run the script as described below.

Command Line Usage

usage: unrpa [-h] [-v] [-s] [-l] [-p PATH] [-m] [-f VERSION]


Positional Argument Description
FILENAME the RPA file to extract.
Optional Argument Description
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose explain what is being done [default].
-s, --silent no output.
-l, --list only list contents, do not extract.
-p PATH, --path PATH will extract to the given path.
-m, --mkdir will make any non-existent directories in extraction path.
-f VERSION, --force VERSION forces an archive version. May result in failure.
--continue-on-error try to continue extraction when something goes wrong.


  • On most unix systems, open a terminal, then: python3 unrpa -mp "path/to/output/dir" "path/to/archive.rpa"
  • On most Windows systems, open a Command Prompt, then: py -3 unrpa -mp "path\to\output\dir" "path\to\archive.rpa"