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== BEST IN - Clojure baked ==

This is the Clojure code which drives - Please use hesitantly as it released Open Source
to provide others with means of interfacing with Wordpress and driving a backend. Ideally I would find the
time to divide it into generic modules, but as it is it will require work to fit it to another site.

* Clone repo
* lein deps
* lein repl
* user> (use 'bestinclass.admin)

For interactive development, uncomment the line which says (def server (doto ...)) and instead
comment the last line of admin.clj. This will allow runtime redefinition of the routes.

* Administration panel (/admin)
** Publishing of new blogposts with automatic update of site and atom.feed
** Moderation of comments
** Generate statistics from an nginx standard access.log

* Post Editor (/editor)
** Allows you to edit a single blogpost draft, which can later be published from the admin panel

* Comment backend (/cmt)
** Renders a comment-form w. captcha
** Receive comments posted and validates
** Send an email to me (change!) if a comment is validated

* Wordpress import
** Can import a wordpress backup file
** Apply a customized pre-capture-hook to modify the captured data
** Can batch convert posts and comments to another format

* Enlive in the wild
** Enlive is used to generate webpages, feeds, backend panels, many good examples of usage

* The html files are completely safe :)
* The backend is only accesible from, meaning you have to reverse proxy.
  In my setup, I've used nginx to reverse proxy into the admin interface and I let nginx
  handle security, ie. only my IP gets through. If this doesn't work for you, add a middleware
  to moustache which checks either IP or cookie.

src/bestinclass.clj           - I used to from my script, to generate the first version of the site.
                                Only required once as this converts all wordpress posts to html.
src/bestinclass/admin.clj     - Handles the entire backend: moderation, comment handlers, publishing of posts etc
src/bestinclass/comments.clj  - Parses incoming comments posted to the site and controls captchas
src/bestinclass/email.clj     - Simple email/smtp helper fn
src/bestinclass/feeds.clj     - Eventually will generate several feeds, but so far it just updates the atom.xml feed
src/bestinclass/templates.clj - This file contains all enlive-templates and snippets
src/bestinclass/webview.clj   - This file should be disregarded entirely. It was frequently used during the making of the site
                                to rapidly prototype templates and functions.

Fix race condition when approving comments

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