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(in-ns 'clojureql.core)
(require '[ :as jdbc])
(def global-connections (atom {}))
(defn open-global
"Opens a global connection with the supplied specs. If given a
conn-name, use it as a key to access that connection, else set the
default global connection."
([specs] (open-global ::clojureql.internal/default-connection specs))
([conn-name specs]
(let [con (#'jdbc/get-connection specs)]
(when-let [ac (-> specs :auto-commit)]
(.setAutoCommit con ac))
(swap! global-connections assoc conn-name {:connection con :opts specs}))))
(defn close-global
"Supplied with a keyword identifying a global connection, that
connection is closed and the reference dropped. When called without
argument, close the default global connection."
[& [conn-name]]
(let [conn-name (or conn-name ::clojureql.internal/default-connection)]
(if-let [conn (conn-name @global-connections)]
(.close (:connection conn))
(swap! global-connections dissoc conn-name)
(format "No global connection by that name is open (%s)" conn-name))))))
(defmacro with-cnx
"For internal use only. If you want to wrap a query in a connection, use
[db-spec & body]
`(with-cnx* ~db-spec (fn [] ~@body)))
(defn with-cnx*
"Evaluates func in the context of a database connection, with
following precedence: Already open connection > connection passed on
table > global connection"
[con-info func]
(jdbc/find-connection) ; an already open c.j.jdbc connection takes precedence
(map? con-info) ; then we try a passed connection info (presumably associated with some table in the query)
(jdbc/with-connection con-info
(.setAutoCommit (jdbc/find-connection)
(:auto-commit con-info true))
:default ; try global connection
(if-let [con (@clojureql.core/global-connections
(or con-info :clojureql.internal/default-connection))]
(binding [jdbc/*db*
(assoc @#'jdbc/*db*
:connection (:connection con)
:level 0
:rollback (atom false)
:opts (:opts con))]
"Missing connection information; no global connection :"))))))
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