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(in-ns 'clojureql.core)
(defn build-join
"Generates a JOIN statement from the joins field of a table"
[dialect {[tname pred] :data type :type pos :position} aliases]
(let [pred (if (and (seq aliases) (string? pred))
(reduce (fn [acc a]
(let [t1name (if (or (keyword? tname) (string? tname))
(to-tablename tname)
(to-tablename (:tname tname)))
alias (-> (.split a "\\.") first)]
pred (map last aliases))
[subselect & env]
(when (requires-subselect? tname)
(compile tname (or dialect :default)))]
[(assemble-sql "%s %s JOIN %s %s %s"
(if (keyword? pos) (-> pos name .toUpperCase) "")
(if (not= :join type) (-> type name .toUpperCase) "")
(if (requires-subselect? tname)
(assemble-sql (if (map? (:tname tname))
"(%s) AS %s"
"(%s) AS %s_subselect") subselect
(if (map? (:tname tname))
(-> (:tname tname) vals last nskeyword)
(to-tablename (:tname tname))))
(to-tablename tname))
(if-not (keyword? pred) " ON " "")
(if (keyword? pred)
(format " USING(%s) " (name pred))
(-> (str pred) (apply-aliases aliases) first)))
(if (and subselect (map? pred))
(assoc pred :env (into (:env pred) env))
(defmethod compile :default [tble db]
(let [{:keys [cnx tname tcols restriction renames joins combinations
grouped-by pre-scope scope order-by modifiers having]} tble
aliases (when joins (extract-aliases joins))
aggregates (-?>> (if (table? tcols) (:tcols tcols) tcols)
(filter #(and (vector? %) (= 3 (count %))))
(map (comp name last)))
mods (join-str \space (map upper-name modifiers))
combs (if (seq combinations)
(for [{:keys [table mode opts]} combinations]
(let [[stmt & [& env]] (compile table (or (:dialect cnx) :default))]
(into [(format " %s (%s)"
(str (upper-name mode) (if opts (str \space (upper-name opts))))
stmt)] env))))
fields (when-not (table? tcols)
(str (if tcols (to-fieldlist tname tcols) "*")
(when (seq aliases)
(str ","
(->> (map rest aliases)
(join-str ","))))))
jdata (when joins
(for [join-data joins]
(build-join (:dialect cnx) join-data aliases)))
tables (cond
(str (if renames
(with-rename tname (map #(add-tname tname %) tcols) renames)
(to-tablename tname))
(join-str " " (map first jdata)))
(table? tcols)
(compile tcols (or (:dialect cnx) :default))
(if renames
(with-rename tname (map #(add-tname tname %) tcols) renames)
(to-tablename tname)))
pre-order (filter #(true? (-> % meta :prepend)) order-by)
post-order (remove #(true? (-> % meta :prepend)) order-by)
preds (when restriction restriction)
statement (clean-sql [(when combs "(")
"SELECT" mods (or fields "*")
(when tables "FROM") (if (string? tables)
(format "(%s)" (first tables)))
(when preds "WHERE") (str preds)
(when (or (and (seq grouped-by) (not (seq combs)))
(-> grouped-by first meta :prepend))
(str "GROUP BY " (to-fieldlist tname (first grouped-by))))
(when (seq having) (str "HAVING " having))
(when (seq pre-order)
(str "ORDER BY " (to-orderlist tname aggregates (first pre-order))))
(when-let [limit (-> pre-scope :limit)]
(str "LIMIT " limit))
(when-let [offset (-> pre-scope :offset)]
(str "OFFSET " offset))
(when combs
(->> (map first combs) (interpose \space)
(apply str) (format ") %s")))
(when (and (seq grouped-by) (seq combs)
(nil? (-> order-by first meta :prepend)))
(str "GROUP BY " (to-fieldlist tname (first grouped-by))))
(when (and (seq having) (seq combs)) (str "HAVING " having))
(when (seq post-order)
(str "ORDER BY " (to-orderlist tname :all (first post-order))))
(when-let [limit (-> scope :limit)]
(str "LIMIT " limit))
(when-let [offset (-> scope :offset)]
(str "OFFSET " offset))
env (concat
(->> [(if-let [cases (filter map? tcols)]
(interleave (mapcat #(mapcat (fn [clause] (:env clause)) %)
(map :clauses cases))
(mapcat :returns cases)))
(mapcat last jdata)
(map :else (filter map? tcols))
(map (comp :env second) jdata)
(if (table? tcols) (rest tables))
(if preds [(:env preds)])
(if having [(:env having)])]
flatten (remove nil?) vec)
(->> (mapcat rest combs)
(remove nil?)))
sql-vec (into [statement] env)]
(when *debug* (prn sql-vec))
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