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% ___________________________________________________________________________________________
% File: mpc_to_tec.m
% File type: function
% Created on: May 31st, 2000
% Created by: Russell Church &Paulo Guilhardi
% Last revised on: February 22nd, 2001
% Last revised by:
% Purpose: A function to convert an mpc file to time_event codes.
% Input: 1. File name as a string
% 2. Session number as a string
% Output: The output is a two column [Time Event] matrix.Time is integer
% number of 10-ms units. Event is an integer code.
% Comments:
% Format: Time_event = mpc_to_tec(File,Session)
% Example: Time_event = mpc_to_tec('dq125100','015')
function Time_event = mpc_to_tec(File,Session)
File_name = [File '.' Session];
X = eval(File);
%Include if integer part is > 0; All legitimate times are greater than zero
%Include if remainder part is > 0; All legitimate event codes are greater than zero
%Include if remainder part is less than 62; All legitimate event codes are less than 62
%Include if the remainder contains no more than three digits; All legitimate event codes are 3 digits
Possible_event = round(1000*rem(X,1)); %Possible 3-digit event codes
Recorded_event = 1000*rem(X,1); %Recorded event codes as real numbers
Epsilon = abs(Possible_event - Recorded_event); %If difference is large, it is not a real event
Time_filter = ((floor(X) > 0) & (Possible_event > 0) & (Possible_event<62) & (Epsilon < .0001));
Data = nonzeros(Time_filter .* X);
Time = floor(Data); Event = round(1000*rem(Data,1)); %Create list of times and events
%Exclude true event codes that are recorded before the beggining of the session
Time_event = [Time/500 Event];
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