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A game developed for Ludum Dare 41
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A game developed for Ludum Dare 41

A Doll's Nightmare

Those cursed dolls are coming from everywhere! Quickly solve the puzzle to escape! Aim and shoot at the dolls and move the puzzle pieces to open the exit.

A Doll's Nightmare was developed during Ludum Dare 41 around the theme "Combine two incompatible genres".

Although you can play alone this game is intended for two: one controlling movement, one controlling aiming.

  • Player 1: use WASD to move, space bar to shoot
  • Player 2: use arrows to aim, press L to slide puzzle tiles

Developed by:

  • José Antonio Álvarez Ocete - Programming
  • Javier León Palomares - Programming
  • Germán González Almagro - Programming
  • Luis Sánchez Velasco - Music
  • Laura Calle Caraballo - Art

Web version

A Doll's Nightmare

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