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Drupal on Vagrant


  1. Clone this repo $ git clone
  2. Pull in the submodules $ cd vagrant-puppet-drupal; $ git submodule init $ git submodule update
  3. Create the sites directory $ mkdir ../sites
  4. Optionally create your own github ssh keys (they'll be copied into the VM) $ mkdir ../ssh-config && ssh-keygen -f ../ssh-config/github.rsa
  5. Bring up Vagrant $ vagrant up


  1. Missing ruby libs (stdlib) Apache::vhosts can't find validate_re Comment out that line in modules/apache/manifests/vhosts.pp
  2. Permission issues running drush or apahce Remount /srv/www rewrite and nobody:nobody umount /srv/www && mount -t vboxsf -o umask=000,dmode=777,fmode=666,gid=99,uid=99 sites /srv/www

Updating submodules

  1. Init submodules & update $ git submodule init $ git submodule update
  2. Change directory to submodule $ cd puppet/modules/apache
  3. Switch branch to master (submodules branch) $ git checkout master
  4. Pull in changes $ git pull
  5. Change directory to parent project $ cd ../..
  6. Commit $ git commit -am "Update apache submodule."
  7. Restore any pre pull fixes you may have


  • Provide a standardised development instance
  • Integrate with our workflow (git, drush make)
  • Provide simple utilities for developers (drush quick drupal)
  • Provide simple testing for code quality (doxygen, validators, test/jenkins)

Extending this VM

  • Add a submodule $ git submodule add puppet/modules/pear



  • Add github to known_hosts
  • Solve github ssh keys (share with host, copy to host, push vagrants to github)
  • Add hosts to /etc/hosts (on Vagrant guest)
  • Look at Vagrant hosts plugin (for host?)
  • Enable mod_php added package (unnecessary?) and php.conf
  • Install lynx
  • Write Vagrant plugin for git / drush.
  • settings.php for Drupal isn't working $databases = array ( 'default' => array ( 'default' => array ( 'database' => 'spacetimeconcerto.com_local', 'username' => 'vagrant', 'password' => 'vagrant', 'host' => 'localhost', 'port' => '', 'driver' => 'mysql', 'prefix' => '', ), ), );
  • Install php-mysql
  • AllowOverride all for our vhosts (where is this coming from? apache via drupal?)
  • Permissions on files are bad changed owner to apache in vagrant file
  • Drush aliases (for sync from staging or production and sanitise)
  • .ssh/config is missing
  • install unzip (for drush)

Installing Drush

  • Squid for caching make installs (Drush 5.x does this internally)
  • bzr and svn because quick drupal likes it
  • Sqlite3 so that quick drupal can make dbs easily (php-pdo)
  • Mail for mailing messages

$ sudo apt-get install bzr svn subversion sqlite3 php-pear php5-cgi php5-sqlite php-pdo squid sendmail $ sudo pear channel-discover $ sudo pear install drush/drush-6 $ drush selfupdate

Quick Drupal

Probably not useful. Requires permission to install httpserver and would run within vagrant. Would require extra port forards too. Drush needs to download a library from in order to function, and the attempt to download this file automatically failed because you do[error] $ drush -y qd test-panels panels

Download and enable a module

Make from a new profile (via GitHub)

Takes a git repo name or path as an argument

Rebuild features

Named or all features

Check make manifest for missing modules

  • Modules in contrib are in the .make and .info files
  • Modules in custom are in the .info file
  • Could use pm-list --type=module --status=enabled (but its slow)

Connect to staging and pull in a sanitised database