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User Guide

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User Guide for Amaiage Chef-Server11 HVM .


Login to webui

  1. Visit https://INSTANCE_PUBLIC_IP.

  2. Fill Credential by admin / YOUR_INSTANCE_ID

Notice: On first provisioning.

A created instance makes new credential for new owner and sets up several configurations. It takes few minutes after the instance status into running.

If you saw screen below on browser, please wait few minutes and visit later.

Login to instance via SSH Tips

  • username is ec2-user

Work as workstation

Workstation is set up for the root user. Please change the user with sudo -s.

Using EIP

When you give EIP to your instance, please run sudo chef-server-ctl reconfigure.

Upgrade Chef-Server

Before upgrade already installed Chef-Server, please follow the official documentation below.

  1. Upgrade chef-server
  • yum update.
  1. Run chef-server-ctl upgrade.
  2. Run chef-server-ctl reconfigure.
  3. Restart all services. Do chef-server-ctl restart.


What is the distribution and the version?

It is based on Amazon Linux 2014.09.1 which AWS officially provides.

What is the version of Chef-Server?

  • latest of 11.1.x

What is the version of Chef-Client?

It is installed the latest version of Chef-DK which includes chef-client 11.x at the beginning and registered ad a Node of Chef-Server.

Can replace the authentication key pair?

Run the following commands in turn.

rm /var/opt/chef-server/nginx/ca/*
chef-server-ctl reconfigure
chef-server-ctl restart
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