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Web programming can be broken down into front-end and back-end domains. This milestone is only concerned with front-end web programming, while back-end programming is part of the learning tracks for the various languages that can be used to build web applications (PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.).

Front-end web development consists of building the content and code that makes up the portion of a web site or application that people will interact with. It includes several technologies, each of which you'll need to learn and be comfortable using in your work: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Stylesheets), and Javascript (JS).


  • Learn core web skills
    • Learn the basics of HTML
    • Learn the basics of CSS
    • Learn the basics of Javascript (not a framework, yet)
  • Learn intermediate web skills
    • Semantic HTML
    • Responsive Layouts
    • A Javascript library or framework (we recommend starting with jQuery)
    • Bootstrap (a widely-used CSS layout and design framework)
    • Browser developer tools

Time Commitment

The time to learn these tasks can be highly variable, depending on which resources you use, how many hours per week you are able to devote to learning, and what type of support you have (online via message boards, in-person at meetups, etc). Focus on learning all of these topics, rather than hitting the specified number of hours.

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