a repo of learning materials with a taxonomy, background information and more. A labor of love for OER.
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The Learning Materials Repo

a repo of learning materials with a taxonomy, background information and more. A labor of love for OER, participatory pedagogies, technology.

In Progress

Many of these learning activities were written for specific audiences, using specific tools. I plan to review and revise each resource to make them more general and applicable to various situations. This is going to take some time.

Category Descriptions


These aren't just "get to know each other" sorts of icebreakers (though there are some of those as well). Some of these activities can be used to start thematic discussions (like the 'Spectrogram' activities), gather Agenda items (as in 'Setting Learner Centric Objectives'), facilitate brainstorming (check out 'Collaborative Mindmapping) or even demo various projects participants at a workshop are working on (see the 'Speedgeek' activities).


Specific agendas with learning objectives and carefully curated activities that speak to those objectives. The Agenda is an overview which links out to individual activities.

How Tos

These are step by step guides. Some are how to run a specific event type, some are how to lead a brainstorming activity with a specific output. The Icebreakers category has things that might fit here, and this category has things that might fit in Icebreakers. I've categorized them based on how they read. Also included are descriptive resources on specific topics (e.g. "What is a schematic vs a storyboard").

Remix Projects

These are fun projects designed to get users tinkering around with HTML and CSS. Perhaps you'd like to grab the code and try out Mozilla's Thimble for which they were designed :)