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LOD evaluations at scale

This repository contains the scripts to evaluate the following papers

  • RDF HDT [1]: To evaluate HDT, go to the hdtExperiments folder, and check the
  • Adoption of the linked data best practices in different topical domains [2]: To evaluate HDT, go to the ldAdoptionExperiments folder, and check the
  • RDF Vault: Originally closed-source software. In contact with the authors on publishing their code here.


  • Run first to compile everything and load dependencies

    [1] Fernández, Javier D., et al. "Binary RDF representation for publication and exchange (HDT)." Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web 19 (2013): 22-41.
    [2] Schmachtenberg, Max, Christian Bizer, and Heiko Paulheim. "Adoption of the linked data best practices in different topical domains." The Semantic Web–ISWC 2014. Springer International Publishing, 2014. 245-260. [3] Bazoobandi, H.R., de Rooij, S., Urbani, J., et al.: A compact in-memory dictionary for rdf data. In: The Extended Semantic Web Conference – ESWC. Springer (2015)