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More blending modes #298

LaurentGomila opened this Issue October 08, 2012 · 1 comment

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Laurent Gomila Jan Haller
Laurent Gomila

Additional blending modes are often requested.

Two solutions:

  • add more blending modes to the sf::BlendMode enumeration
  • make the API more flexible, allow to set source and destination operators instead of a fixed list of modes

A blending mode which is often requested is premultiplied alpha (which would come with a sf::Image::convertToPremultipliedAlpha function).

Forum topics:

Jan Haller

A possible API is discussed in the forum, please refer to this thread (don't discuss here):

Jan Haller Bromeon referenced this issue from a commit March 09, 2014
Jan Haller Created branch for experimental blending mode API
See issue #298.
Based on branch 'new_blending_api' of
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