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Portability : Mobiles Device (OpenGL ES) and Web support (WebGL) #39

3KyNoX opened this Issue · 7 comments

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3KyNoX Laurent Gomila Beuc

SFML is really perfect that any other low-level libraries at many many points.

The last thing missing is about its portability (Android, WinCE, iOS, maybe consoles).

I saw several topics about this on the project forums and with mobile devices and web features marketing who growing up everydays actually, I think this is a critical thing to do and that will give to SFML and their users more credits and possibility to code new great products.


Laurent Gomila

If you read the topics about this, you've probably noticed that I always give the same answer: I will port SFML to these platforms, but not in a near future since it requires rewriting big parts of the internal code, and I have many many other things to do before that.

I tag this issue "2.x", but I'm not even sure it will happen in SFML 2. Really, don't expect it to happen soon.

Laurent Gomila LaurentGomila was assigned

That's ok Laurent. Keeping an eye on this "new features" demand. Thanks a lot.


Are you looking for / accepting any help here?
Is it started?
I feel like contributing, especially if you don't have time to do so before I do :)

Laurent Gomila

I don't think it's worth trying to contribute to this task now, like I said I need to rewrite many parts of the internal API. And considering that the public API of the graphics module will change a lot as well (and soon), it really makes a lot of changes so you would work for nothing if you start now.


OK - but please warn us if SFML 2.0 takes as much time to complete as SDL 1.3 ;) ;)

Laurent Gomila

please warn us if SFML 2.0 takes as much time to complete as SDL 1.3 ;) ;)

Ha ha... don't worry, SFML 2.0 is only one task away from the final release. It's a huge task but I'm working hard on it.

Laurent Gomila

I close this task, since Android and iOS ports have been started and have now their own task or repository.

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