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Source Codes

Welcome to the section dedicated to external source codes for SFML.

Game Engines


  • [C++] AnimatedSprite: A class that provides an easy interface to Animations and follow the design of sf::Sprite (by Foaly)
  • [C#] CurvedText class: Draws circularly arranged text and implements most of SFML.Graphics.Text's interface.
  • [C++] Higher Performance Sprite Container: Both a faster way to use many sprites with the same texture and a shortcut container to make life easier. (by masskiller)
  • [C++] Drawable Line Shape: A drawable-derived fast-rendering class for shapes made of lines
  • [C++] Drawing Color Gradient: Draw and manage color gradient easily with this class
  • [C++] Draw Rounded Rectangle: A class that renders rounded rectangles
  • [C++] Line segment with thickness: Two simple classes for drawing a line segment with thickness.
  • [C#] Line with Thickness: Lines or LinesStrip VertexArrays always draw 1 pixel lines. This is a method to generate a TrianglesStrip representing a line along a set of points (e.g a Polygon).
  • [C++] Round Ended Lines: A class that renders round ended Lines (by Foaly)
  • [C++] Tile Map with VertexArrays: Load, cull, texture and display quads as tiles
  • [C#/C++] TileMap renderer: efficient tilemap drawing
  • [C++] Shader Tile Map: tile map drawing using one texture as data and other as graphics and swapping data pixels for graphic pixels using glsl fragment shader
  • [C++11] Vertex Vector: drawable alternative to VertexArray that supports emplacement and foreach loops



  • [C++] RichText: Class to handle rich text. (by Panithadrum)
  • [C++] Fader: Class to facilitate fading. (by cire)
  • [C#] GTK Integration: Using a Gtk# socket to render SFML inside GTK.



  • [C++] MP3 Player: Class inspired sf:: Music for playing mp3 file using the library mpg123
  • [C++] Audio Player: Class inspired sf:: Music for playing audio file using the library ffmpeg
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