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Code format using uncrustify
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The C/C++ extension's formatting must be disabled in order for the uncrustify one to work.
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VSCode uncrustify


Formats your code using uncrustify. Supported languages are :

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • D
  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • Pawn
  • Vala

Apex, while not officially supported by uncrustify, is also supported by the extension and will be formatted as if it was Java.

Installing uncrustify

On most Linux distributions, macOS (if brew is installed) and Windows, uncrustify can be installed by the extension automatically.

If you want or have to install it yourself :

  • Linux : Uncrustify is available in most distributions as a package in the official repositories (sudo apt/yum install uncrustify or equivalent)
  • macOS : Uncrustify is available through Homebrew (brew install uncrustify or see
  • Windows : Prebuilt binaries are available on sourceforge. You will need to put the executable in your PATH variable and you will have to update it manually

If the executable is not in the PATH environment variable, you must set its path in the settings explicitly.

Uncrustify configuration

A default config file can automatically be created (see the commands below).

Starting with version 2.0.0, opening the configured config file (or a file named uncrustify.cfg at the root of your workspace if it's not configured) will display a graphical editor to easily tweak the configuration file.

configuration image

The graphical editor can be disabled in the extension settings. Uncrustify's default config file keeps its version at the top of the file; if that version differs from the version of the uncrustify executable then a button will be available to upgrade the config file to the newer version. New items will be marked as such when using the graphical editor.

configuration upgrade image configuration new items image

Extension commands

  • Uncrustify: Create default config file (uncrustify.create): Creates a default uncrustify.cfg file and puts it at the root of the current workspace.
  • Uncrustify: Open config file ( Opens the configuration file that is currently set in the extension settings.

Extension settings

  • uncrustify.executablePath (string): Path to the uncrustify executable if it's not already in the PATH environment variable.
  • uncrustify.configPath (string): Path to the uncrustify configuration file. Environment variables can be used with either a Windows or a bash syntax (examples: %SOME_PATH%/dev/uncrustify.cfg, $SOME_PATH/dev/uncrustify.cfg). A relative path will be automatically prefixed with the current workspace path.
  • uncrustify.graphicalConfig (boolean): Toggles the graphical config editor when opening an uncrustify config file.
  • uncrustify.debug (boolean): Activates logs for debugging the extension. Logs should appear in the uncrustify output channel.
  • uncrustify.langOverrides (object): Overrides the language used by uncrustify.




  • Format Document doesn't use Uncrustify when C/C++ extension is installed
    • In Settings > Extensions > C/C++, change C_Cpp: Formatting from Default to Disabled.
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