An Introspector for Jackson 2 that handles Jackson 1 annotations
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This project provides support for Jackson 1 annotations in Jackson 2

With the newest major version of the Jackson-JSON Processor the package names of all Jackson classes changed from org.codehouse to com.fasterxml. With this change all classes that were annotated for Jackson 1.9 no longer work with Jackson 2.

This project provides an AnnotationIntrospector that evaluates Jackson 1 Annotations for usage with Jackson 2 so such classes can be used in current projects.


To use the JacksonLegacyAnnotationIntrospector simply configure it for you ObjectMapper

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
mapper.setAnnotationIntrospector(new JacksonLegacyIntrospector());

(Optional) To use both Jackson 1 and 2 annotaions, register custome module by simple code

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
mapper.registerModule(new Module() {
			public Version version() {
				return new Version(1, 0, 0, "", "net.bigpoint.jackson", "JacksonLegacySupport");
			public void setupModule(SetupContext context) {
				context.appendAnnotationIntrospector(new JacksonLegacyIntrospector());
			public String getModuleName() {
				return "JacksonLegacySupport";


While the Introspector will wrap annotated custom Deserializer,Serializer, KeySerializer and the like so they can be used by Jackson 2 those wrappers do not provide the full featureset of Jackson 1.

Rule of thumb: if the custom implementation makes a call that requires a parameter or has a return type that is not an Enum value or Basic Java Class, check the necessary wrapper if this method is provided.

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