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# inspired from
from dexy.dexy_filter import DexyFilter
from typogrify.filters import amp, caps, initial_quotes, smartypants, titlecase, typogrify, widont, TypogrifyError
from functools import wraps
import jinja2
from jinja2.exceptions import TemplateError
def make_safe(f):
A function wrapper to make typogrify play nice with jinja2's
unicode support.
def wrapper(text):
f.is_safe = True
out = text
out = f(text)
except TypogrifyError, e:
raise TemplateError(e.message)
return jinja2.Markup(out)
wrapper.is_safe = True
return wrapper
class TypogrifyFilter(DexyFilter):
ALIASES = ['typogrify']
def process_text(self, input_text):
#t = make_safe(typogrify)
#return t(input_text)
return typogrify(input_text)