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Installing Fromage


Using a command prompt or terminal, create a new directory where you would like to install Luvit executables.

Follow the installation instructions at according to your operational system.

If you get installation issues, get the executables using this: Get-Lit.

The files lit, luvit, and luvit are needed. Make sure that you have them in your new directory once its installed, otherwise the API will not work.


With the three executables installed, run lit install Lautenschlager-id/fromage to get a deps folder with the Fromage API.


/!\ Some fields listed in the return structs may not exist if you are not connected to an account.


  • Api → Useful functions to make the use of the API easier and to handle some return values.
  • Enumerations → Useful enumerations to use in the API.
  • Extensions → Extension functions to make the use of the API easier.
  • Forum → Base functions of the public forums, from messages to topics.
  • Inbox → Account's inbox data and management.
  • Micepix → Image host and galleries.
  • Miscellaneous → Random functions.
  • Moderation → Report and elements management.
  • Profile → Player profile data and management.
  • Settings → Account's settings and configurations.
  • Tribe → Tribe data and management.


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