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An API that provides access to the game Transformice.
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Transformice's API written in Lua (5.1▲) using the Luvit runtime environment


Transformice is an online independent multiplayer free-to-play platform video game created by the french company Atelier801.

Luvit is an open-source, asynchronous I/O Lua runtime environment that makes requests and connections possible for the Lua programming language.

Transfromage API is a documented API that allows developers to make bots for the mentioned game.

Join the Fifty Shades of Lua discord to discuss about this API and to have special support.

See also the Fromage API for the Atelier801's forum.

This API had many indirect contributors, including @Tocutoeltuco, @Useems, @Turkitutu, @Athesdrake and the python Transfromage API.

Keys Endpoint

This API depends on an endpoint that gives you access to the Transformice encryption keys.

To get access to it you need to request a token, after explaining your project, to one of the following players:

  • Tocutoeltuco @discord=> Tocutoeltuco#0018;
  • Blank#3495 @discord=> 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪#8737;
  • Bolodefchoco @discord=> Lautenschlager#2555.


  • To install Luvit, visit and follow the instructions provided for your platform.
    • If you have problems installing it on Windows, please use Get-Lit
  • To install Transfromage, run lit install Lautenschlager-id/transfromage
  • Run your bot script using, for example, luvit bot.lua
If you are new and can't follow these steps, please consider using the that comes with the executables and API already.
(4MB) Windows | Linux

API Update

To update the API automatically all you need to do is to create a file named autoupdate in the bot's path.
You can create it running cd. > autoupdate (for Windows) or touch autoupdate (for Linux);

The update will overwrite all the old files and dependencies.

For semi-automatic updates (asks permission before updating), create the file semiautoupdate instead.


The best way to contribute for this API is donating creating pull requests with bug fixes and new events / methods (like joining the map editor, getting a map XML, loading Lua...)

Read CONTRIBUTING to learn more about contributions for the API.

Base example

local api = require("transfromage")
local client = api.client:new()

client:once("ready", function()
	client:connect("Username#0000", "password")

client:start("Owner ID", "API Token")
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