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Commit for major update v0.9.7.0 & minor v0.9.7.1

- Fixed a infinite recursion bug in Tools.XmlEncode and Tools.JsonEncode
- Added 'Snip Selected Text' option to Screenshot mode

- Added reporting support
- Ported Active Plugins to C#
- Added DoTimeDelayBasedCheck method to ActivePlugin class as a generic
time based check system  using oscillating time delays
- IronUpdater now constantly check memory use and calls GC.Collect()
when consumed memory is large
- Updated IronDB code to use 'using' based code blocks for all DB
- Added a new screenshot mode thanks for Himanshu
- Added auto indentation fix for Python in the scripting shell
- Added command logging for the scripting shell thanks to Sukesh
- Big fix in JSON Format Plugin thanks to Manish
- Fixed a bug in the Send(timeout) method of Request class thanks to
- Usability improvements in the different wizards thanks to feedback
from Tamaghna
- Bug fix in Payload Effect Analysis window
- GetLinks and GetForms of HTML class updated to reduce memory use
- CheckBodyFormatAndHandleIt() method of Response class updated to
reduce memory and improve performance
- Html object of Response class is only instantiated when it is called
in the code
latest commit 1c5a62d192
Lavakumar Kuppan authored
Octocat-spinner-32 IronWASP Commit for major update v0.9.7.0 & minor v0.9.7.1 September 20, 2013
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