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ColorfulNote is an desktop app that converts music into art in real time. It is a 15112F17 Term Project. Youtube Demo

Getting Started

To use ColorfulNote, you need to have python3 with the required modules.


  • python version >= 3.5
  • matplotlib >= 2.1.0
  • tkinter >= 8.5
  • PIL >= 1.1.7
  • pyAudio >= 0.2.11
  • Django (optional for sharing feature)

You can check the version of your python by typing in the terminal:

which python

Or if you have multiple versions of python:

which python3

If you are using Anaconda python, you can check the versions of all your installed packages by typing:

conda list

Installing Modules

If you have multiple versions of python installed, it is recommended that you create a virtual environment named "ColorfulNote" using Anaconda, and install all the required packages in that virtual environment. Also, to ensure a successful installation, make sure you have correctly configured your Python shell to run in the environment with all packages.

To create a virtual environment in Anaconda:

conda create --name myenv

To activate the virtual environment:

conda activate myenv

Running the program

Download or clone this repository to your computer, and run Have fun!


  • The GUI framework, delta graphics, some helpers are taken from 15112 course website.
  • The algorithm for converting sound frequency to eletromagnetic frequency is taken from Flutopedia
  • I would like to thank my mentor, Nick Viggiano, and my roommates for their helps, advices and supports!
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