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An IP.Board plugin that allows users to login using Steam's open id service
Latest commit 3a4a5be Mar 24, 2016 @madman32395 madman32395 Update Readme - Rephrase step 5 to current ips terms
Had a client PM me today, saying that he couldn't find Login Method; but did say he could find Login Handlers ; so basically im changing terminology to make it easier to find.

Sign in through Steam

This Plugin for IPS 4.0+ will allow your users to login with their Steam account.

Recommended Installation Requirements:

  • Minimum IP.Core Requirements ( as found on )
    • If you are using InvisonPower's Hosted forums, this is already done for you.
  • Is curl enabled? If not, install/enable it please.
  • Hosting with Free services will not be supported
    • If you are having issues, and use IIS as your web server. Please try switching to Apache or another server type. IIS is known to have random issues.


  1. First, upload the contents of the upload folder to your forum root directory.
  2. Login to your ACP, and browse to System -> Plugins
  3. Click Install New Plugin. Browse to the extracted zip file and upload steam_login.xml
  4. Visit - and follow the instructions to obtain an API key
  5. Navigate to System -> Settings -> Login Handlers, click the edit icon on the Steam row and paste your API key in the API Key input and save
  6. Make sure to enable both plugin and login method.
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