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@patrykmichalik patrykmichalik released this Jun 8, 2021

Lawnchair 11.0 Alpha 5 adds the ability to:

• Hide apps from the App Drawer
• Turn off the Dock search bar
• Hide the Home Screen feed
• Turn off fuzzy search in the App Drawer

Additionally, this release:

• Introduces compatibility with Android 9, 10, and 12
• Reworks Double-Tap to Sleep to use an accessibility service, which resolves the feature interfering with biometric unlock
• Refines the Settings interface
• Aligns the edges of the Dock search bar with the Dock icons
• Addresses a problem where the tap effect of the default Dock search bar extended beyond the search bar’s bounds
• Adds crowdsourced translations (thanks to all contributors; you can help translate Lawnchair on Crowdin)

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@patrykmichalik patrykmichalik released this Jun 5, 2021

Lawnchair 11.0 Alpha 4 introduces Double-Tap to Sleep and a switch to hide the At a Glance widget from the Home Screen. It sorts entries alphabetically in the icon pack selector, tweaks the About page, and – coupled with QuickSwitch – moves the Clear All button to the bottom portion of Recents for quicker access.

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@patrykmichalik patrykmichalik released this May 1, 2021

Lawnchair 11.0 Alpha 3 adds the following features:

  • Fuzzy search in the App Drawer
  • Customisable backgrounds of Auto Adaptive Icons

This release also addresses the following bugs and inconveniences:

  • The foregrounds of some Auto Adaptive Icons were too large
  • App names and icons were missing from the Widget Drawer
  • Lawnchair didn’t revert to system icons when the active icon pack was uninstalled
  • Swiping between Home Screen pages could open the notification panel
  • In Settings, clicking a row with a switch didn’t toggle the switch
  • When folders were being opened, the corners of their backgrounds misbehaved
  • The status bar flashed dark grey when Settings were being opened in dark mode
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@patrykmichalik patrykmichalik released this May 1, 2021

Lawnchair 11.0 Alpha 2 addresses an issue where Google Feed integration would break when Lawnchair was set as a system app.

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@patrykmichalik patrykmichalik released this Mar 27, 2021

We’re thrilled to release Lawnchair 11 Alpha 1 – an early version built from the ground up and based on the latest from AOSP. It includes many of our core features:

  • At a Glance widget
  • Dock search bar
  • Icon pack support
  • Customisable grid dimensions
  • Google Feed integration (see below)
  • Icon and label resizing
  • Swipe down for notifications
  • Auto Adaptive Icons with optional coloured backgrounds
  • Customisable App Drawer background opacity

And, for the first time, Lawnchair 11 works with QuickSwitch on Android 11. We provide Google Feed integration via the new Lawnfeed 3, compatible only with Lawnchair 11. (For Lawnchair 9 and 10, use Lawnfeed 2.) With new signatures and application IDs, you can install both Lawnchair 11 and Lawnfeed 3 alongside an older release. We are aware of these issues:

  • Missing app names in widget drawer
  • No screen transitions in Settings

Bear in mind that we’ve only tested Lawnchair 11 on Android 11. Official support for earlier Android versions is planned for the near future – along with background blur, individual shortcut customisation, more icon and label size categories, and much else. We look forward to your feedback!

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