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@@ -37,16 +37,15 @@ Documentation
Online documentation can be found at:
-Test suite
-The code currently provides a few unit tests of the stream and frame processing.
-For functional testing, you can use the Autobahn project ( which provides an extensive test suite.
+ws4py tries hard to be as conformant as it can to the specification. In order to validate this conformance, each release is run against the Autobahn testsuite ( which provides an extensive converage of various aspects of the protocol.
You may try to run it against the CherryPy server as follow:
- $ python ws4py/server/
+ $ python test/
Then from a different terminal:
@@ -56,8 +55,7 @@ Then from a different terminal:
$ python
-This will run the complete suite. As of this writing, the CherryPy server passes all the functional tests but
-fails on some performance tests by being too slow.
+This will run the complete suite.
Test reports can be found at:

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