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+Cot script support
+headstock allows you to run cot scripts as used by
+the `Tigase server <>`_.
+Cot scripts are useful to perform task in a declarative way. You can use them
+for testing or for automated jobs.
+Using cot scripts
+Using the cot handler requires a running instance of
+the `CherryPy process bus <>`_.
+First we get a list of scripts from the filesystem:
+>>> import os, os.path
+>>> from glob import iglob
+>>> scripts = iglob(os.path.join(os.curdir, 'cots', '*.cot'))
+Create a bus instance.
+>>> from cherrypy.lib.process.wspbus import Bus
+>>> bus = Bus()
+Create and register and instance of the cot handler.
+>>> from headstock.lib.cot import Cot
+>>> client.register(Cot(bus, scripts))
+Finally you start the bus instance and block.
+>>> bus.start()
+>>> bus.block(interval=0.002)
+Note that you need to block because the cot handler
+will process loaded stanzas within the loop of the bus.
+Depending on which client you've decided to use, this
+may be a problem because the client needs also its own loop.
+For the client based on asyncore, you may therefore do
+something like this prior to starting the bus:
+>>> import select
+>>> if hasattr(select, "poll"):
+>>> from asyncore import poll2
+>>> poll = poll2
+>>> else:
+>>> from asyncore import poll
+>>> bus.subscribe("main", poll, timeout=30.0)
+For tornado and kamaelia, you might probably
+do something similar or alternatively look at
+the `conductor <>`_ project.

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