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A Tcl packaging tool.

Tarcel allows you to combine a number of files together to create a single tarcel file that can be run by tclsh, wish, or can be sourced into another Tcl script. This makes it easy to distribute your applications as a single file. In addition it allows you to easily create Tcl modules made up of several files including shared libraries, and then take advantage of the extra benefits that Tcl modules provide such as faster loading time.


Getting Started

  • To find out how to use Tarcel go to the Tarcel project page.
  • Take a look at the tarcel.tarcel file used to package Tarcel.
  • Look in the doc/ directory of the repo.


If you want to improve this program make a pull request to the repo on github. Please put any pull requests in a separate branch to ease integration and add a test to prove that it works. If you find a bug, please report it at the tarcel project's issues tracker also on github.


Copyright (C) 2015, Lawrence Woodman lwoodman@vlifesystems.com

This software is licensed under an MIT Licence. Please see the file, LICENCE.md, for details.