Todo List

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The following Todo List and its priorities will change as other people give feedback. Its main aim at the moment is to spur development.

  • Add command line option to attach a tape image at startup.
  • Add command line option to load a file from a tape image at startup.
  • Add sound support.
  • Allow SCALE to be set more dynamically.
  • Make xAce less dependent on X, so that it will work on more platforms, including Windows.
  • Add GUI tape manager.
  • Add a gui menu to allow access to extra options.
  • Add facilities to alter the configuration of the Ace, such as how much memory is attached and perhaps what peripherals.
  • Have a facility to alter the relative running speed of the emulation.
  • Add a debugger, memory inspector, etc.
  • Add an option to choose whether to pay attention to checksum when reading.