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LaxarJS Patterns Build Status

Utilities to implement standard event patterns in LaxarJS widgets

LaxarJS defines the semantics of core event patterns. For application-level events, LaxarJS Patterns provides an additional vocabulary, grouped into a handful of pattern families. Also, a helper library is provided, to simplify dealing with event subscriptions.

Have a look at the docs for more information, but make sure that you are familiar with LaxarJS first.


Install laxar-patterns into your LaxarJS project using npm:

npm install --save-dev laxar-patterns

For efficient usage of the available pattern libraries in your widgets, you should consult the API docs as well.

Building from Source

Instead of using a pre-compiled library within a project, you can also clone this repository:

git clone
cd laxar-patterns
npm install

To see changes in your application, either configure your project to work with the sources (e.g. by using webpack), or rebuild the webpack bundles by running npm run dist.

To run the automated karma tests:

npm test

To generate HTML spec runners for opening in your web browser, so that you can e.g. use the browser's developer tools:

npm start

Now you can select a spec-runner by browsing to http://localhost:8080/dist/lib/spec/laxar-patterns.spec.html


Utilities to implement standard event patterns in LaxarJS widgets




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