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LaxarJS ShopDemo Build Status

The LaxarJS ShopDemo shows a simple web shop application (for ordering LaxarJS merchandise) implemented using the LaxarJS web application framework.

It consists of a small set of LaxarJS widgets implemented in Vue.JS.

Running the ShopDemo

To fetch the required tools and libraries, make sure that you have npm (comes with node.js) installed on your machine.

Use a shell to issue the following commands:

git clone --single-branch
cd shop-demo
npm install
npm start

Afterwards, open the demo at http://localhost:8080/debug.html.

Next Steps

For an optimized version more suitable for production, stop the server (using Ctrl-C) and run:

npm run dist
npm start

Now you can browse the optimized demo at http://localhost:8080/.

Having built the demo, instead of using npm start, you can use any web server on your machine by having it serve the shop-demo directory.

Try modifying the widgets or the pages to get a feel for how a LaxarJS application works.

Read the tutorial to get further information about the LaxarJS techniques.