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Hello and welcome to the source code for the WomenOfDot.NET project.


Adding yourself to the profiles index.

Please use the MD template found here to create your profile - viewing it in raw form will make life easier! Add a cover photo for the index page and a profile picture to your personal page into this folder.

You can say as much or as little about yourself as you like!

Add in information about your current talks or upcoming events. This page can serve you just as well as the community <3

Feel free to add more photos if needed, just pop them in a folder within static\images!

Getting Started

Please fork the repository to your own GitHub to make any changes.

Running the Website locally

  • Download Hugo from
  • In your preferred console, run hugo -D server
  • Go to the URL which is returned in the output to see the site!

Running the Website locally via docker

  • Install Docker if you haven't already
  • Run docker-compose up or docker-compose up -d (for detached mode)
  • Go to http://localhost:1313


All sponsorship funds go back into the project - signup on the website and have a say about where the funds get spent.








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