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Technical Informations

The web-application runs on a web-server which supports PHP. The GUI is made with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Also some client-side game mechanics such as displaying the attacks are made with Javascript and the canvas element. The calculation of the damage, the lobby system and of course the whole multi-player part is made with PHP. The application uses JSON files to save the user-data temporarily on the server to relieve the Riot servers and provide a faster game-play experience. If you are playing the game, you have to verify your account by changing the name of one mastery page to the given code. After that process you are now able to join or create a lobby so you can play with your friend ( or a stranger ).

The game ...

... is a round based fight game with 4 different attacks. These attacks are chosen by your 4 most played champions and also your health points are calculated by these informations. Your stats ( attack damage, ability power and health ) are also being increased by your champion mastery score. You can find further informations to this calculation in the "calculations.txt" file.

How to play

Currently there is no server running the game Keep in mind, that the game is in a really early stage, so there might be some bugs. Also this game currently only works for summoners on the EUW server, sorry!

Browser Support

  • Tested on:
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Mozilla Firefox 46
    • Google Chrome 50


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