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Image resizing tool for ASP.Net Core 2.1 with support to add text/image water mark
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Image resizing tool for ASP.Net Core 2.x with support to add text water mark

Project site:



Install via nuget :

Install-Package LazZiya.ImageResize -Version 2.0.0

Upload and resize an image

Handling uploaded files and resizing the images:

using System.Drawing;
using LazZiya.ImageResize;

foreach (var file in Request.Form.Files)
    if (file.Length > 0)
        using (var stream = file.OpenReadStream())
            var uploadedImage = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(stream);
            var img = ImageResize.Scale(uploadedImage, 800, 600); // returns System.Drawing.Image file


Supported resizing methods

All resizing methods will return a System.Drawing.Image file that can be saved in any supported image format (JPG, PNG, etc.)

  • Scale : Auto scales image by width or height, and keeps aspect ratio same as original image
var img = ImageResize.Scale(uploadedImage, 800, 600);
  • Scale by width : Scales image by provided width value, auto adjusts new height according to aspect ratio.
var img = ImageResize.ScaleByWidth(uploadedImage, 800);
  • Scale by height : Scales image by provided height value, auto adjusts new width according to aspect ratio.
var img = ImageResize.ScaleByHeight(uploadedImage, 600);
  • Scale and crop : Scalesthe image to fit new width or new height (which fits first), then crops out the rest of the image.
var img = ImageResize.ScaleAndCrop(uploadedImage, 800, 600, TargetSpot.Center);
  • Crop : Directly crop a specified spot of the image, without scaling.
var img = ImageResize.Crop(uploadedImage, 800, 600, TargetSpot.Center);

Adding Watermark

ImageResize supports adding text and image watermarks, both can be placed to any specified spot with ability to change opacity of the text or the image.

TextWatermark and ImageWatermarkare extension methods to System.Drawing.Image and they are located under LazZiya.ImageResize.Watermark namespace.

Add text watermark to the uploaded image

Below code will draw a colored text with a transparent background in the bottom left corner of the uploaded image:

using System.Drawing;
using LazZiya.ImageResize;
using LazZiya.ImageResize.Watermark;

                  "#DDAA9955",   //font color, hex8 value. DD is for opacity (00 - FF)
                  "#55AA9955",   //background color, hex8 value. 55 is for opacity (00 - FF)
                  "Calibri",     //font family
                  24,            //font size
                  TargetSpot.BottomLeft, //place the text on bottom left spot
                  style: FontStyle.Italic, //font style
                  margin: 10);   //margin from the border

Add image watermark and adjust opacity :

using System.Drawing;
using LazZiya.ImageResize;
using LazZiya.ImageResize.Watermark;

img.ImageWatermark("wwwroot\\images\\myimage.png",   //local path to the image watermark
                   TargetSpot.BottomRight, //add the image watermark to the bottom right area of the uploaded image
                   10,                     //keep 10px margin from the borders
                   40);                    //adjust watermark opacity to be 40 (0 - 100)

TargetSpot :

Specifies that target spot used for cropping or placing text and image watermarks.

public enum TargetSpot { TopLeft, TopMiddle, TopRight, MiddleLeft, Center, MiddleRight, BottomLeft, BottomMiddle, BottomRight }

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