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Use html tag to localize texts and html contents in razor views
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Use html tag to localize texts and html contents in razor pages for Asp.Net Core 2.x web applications


Install-Package LazZiya.TagHelpers.Localization -Version 1.0.0

Then inject localize tag helper in _ViewImports.cshtml file

using LazZiya.TagHelpers.Localization
addTagHelpers *, LazZiya.TagHelpers.Localization

Localize TagHelper Usage

Use localize tag directly:

<localize>Hellow world!</localize>

Use localize attributes in any html tag:

<h1 localize-content>Hello world!</h1>

Localize html contents:

<div localize-content>

Use localization args:

<p localize-args="@(new object[] { 123, DateTime.Now })">
    The number is {0}, the date is {1}

Localize attributes e.g. alt attribute:

<img src="/images/lost-image.png" localize-att-alt="Cake and juice image" />


Two nuget packages will be installed automatically with TagHelpers.Localization :

Check for updates after install.

Localization Setup

In order for localize tag helper to work the localization setup must be done in startup.cs as described in LazZiya.ExpressLocalization

Live demos:

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