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Environment-Independent JavaScript engine (HTML5 Canvas, V8GL, WebGL, native OpenGL, NodeJS)

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lycheeJS (v0.7)

lycheeJS is a JavaScript Game library that offers a complete solution for prototyping and deployment of HTML5 Canvas, WebGL or native OpenGL(ES) based games inside the Web Browser or native environments.

The development process is optimized for Google Chrome and its developer tools.


  • Download and install the newest stable release of NodeJS from

  • Download lycheeJS via zip-file and extract its contents to /var/www/lycheeJS.

  • Navigate to the folder in the shell (or PowerShell) and execute:

cd /var/www/lycheeJS;
./ start
  • Open your Web Browser, navigate to http://localhost:8080 or try out the examples at and have fun :)

Those games show you how to develop real cross-platform games and the best practices in high-performant JavaScript code.

Link to examples on github


The documentation is online available at or in the github repository


The lycheeJS framework is licensed under MIT License.

lycheeJS-ADK (App Development Kit)

The lycheeJS ADK is the underlying framework to deliver platforms natively.

The ADK allows you to cross-compile to different platforms natively using a custom V8 based JIT runtime with OpenGL bindings as the target environment. The equivalent environment integration is the platform/v8gl inside the lycheeJS Game library.

Other (yet unsupported) JavaScript environments

The lycheeJS architecture is independent of the environment which means it will run on any theoretical JavaScript environment.

The only requirement for such a platform is a fully implemented lychee.Preloader API.

As the lychee.Preloader itself is inside the core, you only need to implement the lychee.Preloader._load method.

For fully supporting a client-side environment, you will also have to implement a lychee.Renderer, a lychee.Input, and a lychee.Jukebox; but these are fully optional and only necessary if you are using them inside your Game or App.

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