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Next-Gen Isomorphic Application Engine for Embedded, Console, Mobile, Server and Desktop
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lycheeJS (v0.8.5)

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lycheeJS is a Next-Gen Isomorphic Application Engine that offers a complete solution for prototyping and deployment of HTML5 or native OpenGL(ES) or libSDL2 based applications.

The development process is optimized for Blink-based browsers (Chromium, Google Chrome, Opera) and their developer tools.

Automatic Installation

There are prebuilt packages that ship all dependencies and runtimes lycheeJS needs in order to work and cross-compile properly.

Take a look at for a list of those available packages.

Manual Installation

1. Download lycheeJS

Download lycheeJS via zip-file and extract its contents. Rename the lycheeJS-master folder that was inside the archive accordingly.

cd ~/Development; # Change to your development folder

wget -O;
mv lycheeJS-master lycheeJS;

2. Download lycheeJS runtimes

cd ~/Development; # Change to your development folder

mv lycheeJS-runtime-master ./lycheeJS/bin/runtime;

3. Start lycheeJS

If you installed lycheeJS via distributed package, you can use lycheeJS Ranger from the Applications Menu from your Operating System. This tool offers a GUI for maintenance and management of lycheeJS and your projects.

If you manually installed lycheeJS, you can start Sorbet via Terminal:

cd /path/to/lycheeJS;
./bin/ start development;

NPM / NodeJS Integration

You can modify the ~/lycheeJS/package.json/scripts section to use your own sorbet profile. Take a look at the examples localhost or

cd ~/Development/lycheeJS;
npm run-script localhost;


The documentation is available online at


You want to see what kind of fancy features will arrive next? Take a look at the file.


You want to contribute to the project? Take a look at the file.

Other (unsupported) JavaScript Runtimes

The lycheeJS architecture is independent of the environment which means it will run in any theoretical JavaScript runtime.

The only requirement for such a platform is a fully implemented bootstrap API.

For fully supporting a client-side environment, you will also have to implement a lychee.Input, a lychee.Renderer, a lychee.Storage, and a lychee.Viewport.

These implementations are fully optional and only necessary if you are using them inside your Game or Application.


lycheeJS is (c) 2012-2015 LazerUnicorns and released under MIT license. The projects and demos are licensed under CC0 (public domain) license. The runtimes are owned and copyrighted by their respective owners.

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