Components of the Dwarf Fortress LNP that can be used on any OS
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Components of the Dwarf Fortress LNP that can be used on any OS.
Contributions, feedback, and reuse all welcome.

The goal of this project is to create a canonical common base for different versions of the Lazy Newb Pack, across whatever platform or variant a user or pack maintainer feels like. It assumes that the pack is based on the PyLNP launcher or an equivalent, and content is currently targeted at DF v0.40.24 with DFHack.

It consists of alternative color schemes, standard 'newb friendly' default settings, an embark profile collection, keybindings (alternative control schemes), and miscellaneous "extras" to install.



The color schemes come from a number of sources, including Vherid's collection.


Default settings to revert to. The embarks are an install of default_embarks.txt. The init files are for Phoebus with Twbt - so graphics should simply be reinstalled after resetting to defaults - with tweaks for new players by PeridexisErrant.


The default profiles are sourced from an appeal on Reddit. The starting scenarios are adapted from Masterwork Mod (for 34.11). The advanced profiles are scraped from the wiki 2. The tutorial profiles are from CaptnDuck and Mayday.


The extras folder is copied into the DF install the first time the launcher is run. The /data/init section installs the default init settings and keybinds. The /hack/scripts section adds some dfhack scripts by Lethosor which are not yet included in standard DFHack: adv-max-skills, embark-skills, load-screen, manager-quantity, settings-manager, and title-version. We recently added soundsense.lua (extra announcements), and burial.lua by Putnam (configures all built coffins for burial). Stocksettings are Rmblr's settings v2, here based on these.


The vanilla keybinds are copied from DF 0.40.23. The Classic LNP keybinds are adapted for laptop keyboards; PeridexisErrant ported the changes to a new version (from the discontinued Windows LNP). The PeridexisErrant keybindings are additionally optimised for use with the mouse, eg with dfhack's mousequery plugin.


Includes the better item viewscreen raws, since they're a resource for the included script.


Some tilesets are from vanilla DF. Fircy generated many more with mifki's tileset generator.
curses_24x24.png is by /u/dragonplatino.