NanoCore Base Plugin
Visual Basic
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NanoCore Base Plugin

What it is:

This is an updated plugin base for NanoCore (The official is outdated), it shows the very basics and simply explains a little bit about what they do.

What is included:

  • Explanations of everything in the IClientNetwork namespace.
  • Explanations of everything in the IServerNetwork namespace.
  • Sending commands to the server/client
  • Receiving commands from the client/server
  • Creating UI elements such as tabs, columns and context entries.
  • Explanation on how to use UserControls from the server.
  • Logging exceptions and other messages
  • Adding client information to columns.
  • And a lot of other stuff...


Full source can be found on GitHub.
None-commented code can be found here.


Please remember to edit the GUID of the project before trying to release your own plugin.

How to compile your plugin:

Check out this video.

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