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This repo is the 2021 edition of LeDataSciFi. The repo hosts the website, but simply redirects to the cover page for this repo. In future years, make a new years' website as a new repo by cloning this one (don't forget the GH action that deploys it!), and alter the redirect from the to the new website.

  • Greatly simplified prior website structure - now everything is in one book, which can be ported from year to year with simpler updates. The only portion of class outside this repo is
    • the org's has teams for discussion and many repos for assignments, etc
    • coursesite to send out assignment links, Zoom links, and schedule office hours appointments from within the Lehigh "gates"
    • the schedule and weekly tasks that are embedded in the dashboard page are an excel file on my computer
  • Now using jupyter-book 0.8.3 instead of 0.6.4, which are incompatible.
  • To build the book for local viewing (quicker dev cycles than waiting for website to refresh):
    • cd <>/ledatascifi-2021 (this will move once this repo goes live and replaces the main repo)
    • (Recommended) Remove the existing LeDataSciFi-2021/_build/ directory
    • jupyter-book build ./
    • A fully-rendered HTML version of the book will be built in the _build/html/ folder.
  • To update website: Simply push or pull the main branch of the repo. A GitHub actions workflow (.github/workflows/deploy.yml) automatically builds and pushes the book in the gh-pages branch, and GitHub pages will update the website in <5 minutes.
  • Book formatting is controlled by
    • _config.yml for most settings
    • _toc.yml lays out the book table of contents, ie the left nav bar
    • _static/* - any css or js I want to add to modify the base styling goes here


This project is created using the excellent open source Jupyter Book project and the executablebooks/cookiecutter-jupyter-book template.


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