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📊 Bitcoind metrics Prometheus exporter in node js
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Bitcoind metrics Prometheus exporter.

bitcoind-exporter is compatible with most bitcoin forks.

Produce blockchain, wallet and addresses metrics. Most relevant metrics are:

  • wallet total balance
  • wallet version
  • if the wallet is unlocked
  • available (spendable) balance for each managed addresses (and watched addresses)
  • best block time and index
  • ...


Edit the .env environment file to suit your needs and run:

npm start

bitcoind-exporter uses the bitcoind JSON-RPC API under the hood and need those credentials:


Usage with other wallets

The following environment variables are available, that should be enough for any bitcoin forks:



Using environment variables:

docker run -d --restart always --name my-exporter -p 9439:9439 -e "rpcuser=myrpcuser" -e "rpcpassword=myrpcpassword" -e "rpchost=my-wallet" --link my-wallet lepetitbloc/bitcoind-exporter

Using a .env file:

docker run -d --restart always --name my-exporter -p 9439:9439 -v /path/to/my/conf:/app/.env --link my-wallet lepetitbloc/bitcoind-exporter

An easy hack could be to directly use your wallet conf to feed your exporter env:

docker run --name my-exporter -p 9439:9439 -v /path/to/my/conf:/app/.env --link my-wallet lepetitbloc/bitcoind-exporter

Example metrics

When visiting the metrics URL http://localhost:9439/metrics the following metrics are produced:

# HELP bitcoind_best_block_index The block height or index
# TYPE bitcoind_best_block_index gauge
bitcoind_best_block_index 69019

# HELP bitcoind_best_block_timestamp_seconds The block time in seconds since epoch (Jan 1 1970 GMT)
# TYPE bitcoind_best_block_timestamp_seconds gauge
bitcoind_best_block_timestamp_seconds 1522746083

# HELP bitcoind_chain_difficulty The proof-of-work difficulty as a multiple of the minimum difficulty
# TYPE bitcoind_chain_difficulty gauge
bitcoind_chain_difficulty 3511060552899.72

# HELP bitcoind_wallet_version the wallet version
# TYPE bitcoind_wallet_version gauge
bitcoind_wallet_version{ticker="BTC"} 71000

# HELP bitcoind_wallet_balance_total the total balance of the wallet
# TYPE bitcoind_wallet_balance_total gauge
bitcoind_wallet_balance_total{status="unconfirmed"} 2.7345
bitcoind_wallet_balance_total{status="immature"} 0
bitcoind_wallet_balance_total{status="confirmed"} 42.73453501

# HELP bitcoind_wallet_transactions_total the total number of transactions in the wallet
# TYPE bitcoind_wallet_transactions_total gauge
bitcoind_wallet_transactions_total 77

# HELP bitcoind_wallet_key_pool_oldest_timestamp_seconds the timestamp of the oldest pre-generated key in the key pool
# TYPE bitcoind_wallet_key_pool_oldest_timestamp_seconds gauge
bitcoind_wallet_key_pool_oldest_timestamp_seconds 1516231938

# HELP bitcoind_wallet_key_pool_size_total How many new keys are pre-generated.
# TYPE bitcoind_wallet_key_pool_size_total gauge
bitcoind_wallet_key_pool_size_total 1000

# HELP bitcoind_wallet_unlocked_until_timestamp_seconds the timestamp that the wallet is unlocked for transfers, or 0 if the wallet is locked
# TYPE bitcoind_wallet_unlocked_until_timestamp_seconds gauge
bitcoind_wallet_unlocked_until_timestamp_seconds 0

# HELP bitcoind_wallet_pay_tx_fee_per_kilo_bytes the transaction fee configuration, set in Unit/kB
# TYPE bitcoind_wallet_pay_tx_fee_per_kilo_bytes gauge
bitcoind_wallet_pay_tx_fee_per_kilo_bytes 0

# HELP bitcoind_address_balance_total address balance
# TYPE bitcoind_address_balance_total gauge
bitcoind_address_balance_total{address="1FxZE15d8bt381EuDckdDdp7vw8FUiLzu6"} 41.00683469
bitcoind_address_balance_total{address="1QAm6J6jLmcm7ce87ujrSdmjPNX9fgRUYZ"} 1.72770032


You can test this exporter with docker-compose:

docker-compose up




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