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colsh – colors for shell scripts

This is and should be some very lightweight files you can include in shell scripts to enhance them with color. It was tested to work with bash, zsh, and in busybox. It does not work with the POSIX compliant dash.


You can use only the more basic file or additionally the file which implements a command cecho.

If you only include the definitions you can do color output in you shell script like this:

echo -e "${COL_ERR}some error text${COL_RST}"

The available and useful macros are:

  • COL_RST for resetting
  • COL_INFO for starting to print in green
  • COL_WARN for starting to print in yellow
  • COL_ERR for starting to print in red
  • COL_MSG for starting to print in blue

If you include both files, you get a new command cecho which understands the following options:

  • -n no linebreak (-n is passed to the real echo)
  • --std normal output, no special colors
  • --info green, informational output, for good news
  • --warn yellow output, for warning messages
  • --err red alert, for errors
  • --msg blue output, maybe for debug

See the file for some, well, examples.