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TCP echo server to play with TCP KEEPALIVE settings
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standard-readme compliant

This tiny project implements a TCP echo server on standard port 7 in C on GNU/Linux, nothing special about that in general. The purpose is to show why TCP KEEPALIVE packets may be useful from the server side.


RFC1122 Section describes “TCP Keep-Alives” and says:

A TCP keep-alive mechanism should only be invoked in server applications that might otherwise hang indefinitely and consume resources unnecessarily if a client crashes or aborts a connection during a network failure.

This echo server can demonstrate exactly that and also how to mitigate it with TCP keep-alive packets.

Note: you may not need this mechanism if your layer 5 to 7 protocol lets the server part send data every now and then, has its own keep alive packets or any other mechanism to detect those inactive connections.

See: A 2009 blog post Detection of Half-Open (Dropped) Connections has a list with advantages and disadvantages of this and other methods.


This project can be built with CMake 3.1 and later and a C compiler which is C99 compliant. It uses pthreads and some GNU and/or glibc extensions. Nothing more is required. Don't worry, any non ancient GNU/Linux with GCC should work without problems.


From your build directory use one of those:

./ideal-waddle -h
sudo ./ideal-waddle
sudo ./ideal-waddle -k

The program uses one (named) thread per client connection. Those “indefinitely consumed resources“ are threads in this program.


PRs accepted.

Small note: If editing the Readme, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


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