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This package is the official portable version of LibreSSL

LibreSSL is a fork of OpenSSL developed by the OpenBSD project
( LibreSSL is developed on OpenBSD. This
package then adds portability shims for other operating systems.

Official release tarballs are available at your friendly neighborhood
OpenBSD mirror in directory LibreSSL, e.g.:

although we suggest that you use a mirror:

The LibreSSL portable build framework is also mirrored in Github:

If you have checked this source using Git, follow these initial steps to
prepare the source tree for building:

 1. ensure you have the following packages installed:
	automake, autoconf, bash, git, libtool, perl, pod2man
 2. run './' to prepare the source tree for building
    or run './' to prepare a tarball.

Once you have a source tree from Git or FTP, run these commands to build and
install the package:

  ./configure   # see ./configure --help for configuration options
  make check    # runs builtin unit tests
  make install  # set DESTDIR= to install to an alternate location

The resulting library and 'openssl' utility is largely API-compatible with
OpenSSL 1.0.1. However, it is not ABI compatible - you will need to relink your
programs to LibreSSL in order to use it, just as in moving from OpenSSL 0.9.8
to 1.0.1.

LibreSSL portable will likely build on any reasonably modern version of Linux,
Solaris, or OSX with a standards-compliant compiler and C library. If you are
working a new port, most of the OS-specific compatibility code is found in

Note: Our policy is generally to use your system provided intrinsics.
If your system provides security sensitive functions (such as
arc4random(), issetugid(), calloc(), getentropy(), and others) we will
assume they are implemented correctly and securely. If they are
not please contact your OS provider.


An implementation of Salsa20, Salsa20/12 and Salsa20/8 into LibreSSL







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