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Mecanismator is a Chrome plugin to replace the names of real politicians and corrupts in general with their fictional counterparts in Netflix and José Padilha's series The Mechanism.

You can install it here: Mecanismator

We recommend reading the wiki for Operação Lava Jato for double laughs.

To install

In Google Chrome, go to 'Tools', then 'Extensions', then upload the folder Odebrechtr.

To remove, simply select that option and booom. Corruption is over.


Mecanismator is almost entirely cloned from Lauren Orsini’s Caaaaarbs, which is is a stupid joke Chrome extension about her editor, Owen Thomas, who follows the Paleo diet.

Caaaaarbs is nearly 100% cloned from Steven Frank's Cloud To Butt, with his permission. Thanks for helping me do something even stupider!