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Share & convert CSS colors
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CSS colors


CSS.coloratum is a nifty little tool that helps you:

  • Share colors with friends and colleagues (never have to go through describing a shade again, just give them the link!)
  • Check out what RGB & HSL values correspond to that color keyword you keep using
  • Covert HSL to RGB, because you're done with your prototype and now it has to work in IE8 too
  • ...and much more!

Technical details (cause we're geeks after all!)

CSS.coloratum is built with cutting edge open web technologies, so it only works with modern browsers. In its 3KB, it makes use of cool new technologies like:

  • HTML5: canvas, autofocus, output, oninput event, hashchange event
  • CSS3: gradients, media queries, box-sizing, background-clip, border-radius, shadows, RGBA
  • ES5: Array#map()
  • Selectors API


  • CSS Colors is one of my 2 entries to the 10K contest. If you like it, vote for it!
  • My blog post about it
  • It's released under an MIT-like License, like most of my stuff. In short, do whatever the eff you want with it, as long as you give me credit in some decent way.
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