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commit 752d80cd97d19efd043379fc4715cca9f339e41b 2 parents 387e31d + 8170cf5
@LeaVerou authored
Showing with 3 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +3 −4 index.html
7 index.html
@@ -38,13 +38,12 @@
background-size: 15px 30px" title="Half-Rombes" data-author="Valentin Agachi" data-author-url=""></li>
- <li style="background:
-linear-gradient(45deg, #92baac 45px, transparent 45px),
+ <li style="background:
linear-gradient(45deg, #92baac 45px, transparent 45px)64px 64px,
-linear-gradient(225deg, transparent 46px, #e1ebbd 46px, #e1ebbd 91px, transparent 91px),
+linear-gradient(45deg, #92baac 45px, transparent 45px,transparent 91px, #e1ebbd 91px, #e1ebbd 135px, transparent 135px),
linear-gradient(-45deg, #92baac 23px, transparent 23px, transparent 68px,#92baac 68px,#92baac 113px,transparent 113px,transparent 158px,#92baac 158px);
-background-size: 128px 128px" title="Arrows" data-author="Jeroen Franse" data-author-url=""></li>
+background-size: 128px 128px;" title="Arrows" data-author="Jeroen Franse" data-author-url=""></li>
<li style="background:
linear-gradient(135deg, #ECEDDC 25%, transparent 25%) -50px 0,
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