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Merge pull request #17 from jroenf/arrows

One color stop less for Arrows
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2 parents 48bf9ac + 9ecc4d8 commit 8170cf53739c1d7fed4f8042b5dfd13fefa1517b @LeaVerou committed Jun 4, 2012
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@@ -36,12 +36,11 @@
background-size: 15px 30px" title="Half-Rombes" data-author="Valentin Agachi" data-author-url=""></li>
<li style="background:
-linear-gradient(45deg, #92baac 45px, transparent 45px),
linear-gradient(45deg, #92baac 45px, transparent 45px)64px 64px,
-linear-gradient(225deg, transparent 46px, #e1ebbd 46px, #e1ebbd 91px, transparent 91px),
+linear-gradient(45deg, #92baac 45px, transparent 45px,transparent 91px, #e1ebbd 91px, #e1ebbd 135px, transparent 135px),
linear-gradient(-45deg, #92baac 23px, transparent 23px, transparent 68px,#92baac 68px,#92baac 113px,transparent 113px,transparent 158px,#92baac 158px);
-background-size: 128px 128px" title="Arrows" data-author="Jeroen Franse" data-author-url=""></li>
+background-size: 128px 128px;" title="Arrows" data-author="Jeroen Franse" data-author-url=""></li>
<li style="background:
linear-gradient(315deg, #ECEDDC 25%, transparent 25%) -50px 0,

3 comments on commit 8170cf5


jroenf replied Jun 26, 2012

The title of my pull request is not right. Doesn't matter too much. This update for my arrows pattern has one linear-gradient less than before. Not just one color stop.


LeaVerou replied Jun 26, 2012

I’m confused. Haven’t I already merged this (although I haven’t updated the gallery yet)?


jroenf replied Jun 26, 2012

Yes you already did merge this. I was looking at the online gallery, saw four linear-gradients and wondered the same thing: "My pull request with three linear-gradients was already merged, wasn't it?" Upon checking the github repo I saw my clumsy (incorrect) commit message, was confused too and wrote the comment to add to the confusion. Although that was never my intention, off course.

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