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Just another idea,

Creating CSS patterns often requires to manually compute values (ex: "half the size"...), or have a variable in mind (ex: "my background is white")...

Have you thought of using something like LESS?

The pattern could then be saved as less stylesheet, but it should be displayed as plain CSS on the site (like it is) to allow users to just copy/paste the snippet which is good.

Let me know your thoughts about it ;)

— Antoine


That's a very good idea actually. Does LESS.js support inline styles (in style attribute)? I wouldn't want to change how easy it is to add a new pattern.


Hello LeaVerou,

From personal experience the "Less" does not work with inline attributes "style".


You could create a LESS file assigning each gradient to a class (ex: .zig-zag) and then assign that class to the corresponding li


This would require editing two places to add a pattern instead of just one.


A LESS option would be nice for Less users I'm sure. FYI there's a Sass version that a few of us have been working on as part of Compass Recipes


I'm making a stylesheet of LESS mixins of all the gradients.



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