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Implement tests for Writing Modes #11

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Current stable versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer support direction and some or all of unicode-bidi. Internet Explorer supports the old format of writing-mode, so I imagine v10 will support the new format. Chrome supports the new format of writing mode (-webkit-writing-mode: vertical-rl | vertical-lr; works in stylesheets, unless in a ), but for some reason it is failing in the tests.


Hi there!

Thanks for the work!

Are all these values from the spec? Is there anything proprietary in them?


All values from the spec.

@LeaVerou LeaVerou merged commit 6c83993 into LeaVerou:gh-pages

Request merged, although...

Are all these properties/values introduced into CSS3? I'm afraid direction and unicode-bidi were also in CSS2.1. Could you please check and if that's the case send another pull request to remove them? Thanks!

If only new values were introduced in CSS3, just remove the old values. In general, I only want Level 3 stuff in the test, not things that also exist in CSS2.1. Things that existed in CSS2 but got removed in CSS2.1 and re-introduced in CSS3 are fine.

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Commits on Feb 10, 2012
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13 tests.js
@@ -364,6 +364,19 @@ window.Specs = {
+ "css3-writing-modes": {
+ "title": "Writing Modes",
+ "properties": {
+ "direction": ["ltr", "rtl"],
+ "unicode-bidi": ["normal", "embed", "isolate", "bidi-override", "plaintext"],
+ "writing-mode": ["horizontal-tb", "vertical-rl", "vertical-lr"],
+ "text-orientation": ["upright-right", "upright", "sideways-right", "sideways-left", "sideways", "use-glyph-orientation"],
+ "caption-side": ["before", "after"],
+ "text-combine-horizontal": ["none", "all", "digits 2", "ascii-digits 2", "alpha 2", "latin 2", "alphanumeric 2"],
+ "text-combine-mode": ["auto", "compress", "no-compress", "use-glyphs"]
+ }
+ },
"css3-color": {
"title": "Color",
"values": {
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