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Merge pull request #147 from johtso/document-noprefix

Add info on data-noprefix to FAQ
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commit b44a065d048a3c218970f23118010446206ca4d9 2 parents 9316021 + 00be60f
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<p>Please note that in unsupported browsers like IE8, no such class will be added.</p>
+ <section>
+ <h1>How do I exclude specific files from being prefixed?</h1>
+ <p>You can exclude a file from being prefixed by adding the <code>data-noprefix</code> attribute to the <code>&lt;link&gt;</code> or <code>&lt;style&gt;</code> element. For example:</p>
+ <pre>&lt;link href=&quot;//; rel=&quot;stylesheet&quot; type=&quot;text/css&quot; data-noprefix&gt;</pre>
+ </section>
<section id="local-xhr">
<h1>How do I enable local testing?</h1>
<p>Firefox (and IE?) natively support local XHR, so -prefix-free will work fine locally with them.</p>

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