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Prefixfree breaks sites that use <base> tag and css imports #134

ubershmekel opened this Issue Dec 17, 2012 · 1 comment

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Here's an example site that prefixfree breaks:

If you remove prefixfree the box-shadow works. Otherwise, prefixfree cancels the stylesheet and tries to get b/aa.css instead of a/aa.css, a link that should be relative to the css file, not relative to the rebased html page.

Steps to reproduce:

From HTML:

<base href="b/"></base>
<link href='../a/a.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
<script src="../prefixfree.min.js"></script>

From a.css:
@import "aa.css";

From aa.css:
h1 { box-shadow: .1em .2em .4em -.2em black; }

@ubershmekel ubershmekel referenced this issue in Countly/countly-server Dec 17, 2012

Subsite countly #40


I have the same issue and confirmed that removing the @import fixes it.

Additional info:

  • The issue did not affect FireFox (18.0) but did affect Chrome (24.0.1312.70) - Both on Fedora and Mac OS X.
  • The issue is intermittent and probably timing related:
    • A full refresh (shift click on refresh) will trigger the problem rarely (1 in 10)
    • A regular refresh using browser cache will trigger the problem most times (9 in 10)
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